How Starbucks made me more productive this week …

POSTED: 04/20/12 4:28 AM

How Starbucks made me more productive this week …

From the minute I put my feet on the floor in the morning I had been doing something productive.  Even my quick 5 minute ‘break’ between calls was spent making the bed and picking up the living room!  Emails, clients, proposals, errands – the more I could fit into the limited hours of the day, the more productive I felt!


Until around 4pm.  I hit a wall.  It was time to write my newsletter.  I had one hour scheduled to get it done.  I sat down.  My mind was dry.  I started to panic.  How will I ever get my newsletter done if I had no idea what I was going to write about?  I looked at the clock – 10 minutes had gone by already.  Great.  I’m screwed.


I got up.  I stretched.  I took a deep breath.  I got a glass of water.  I sat back down.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing was happening in my brain.  It was just a blank wasteland.


It’s very warm in Boston so I had all the windows open.  The breeze not only felt heavenly, but the smell of the trees blooming was overwhelming beautiful.  I wanted to go outside.


But I couldn’t.  I had a newsletter to write.  Back to work Gayle.  You can reward yourself with a walk AFTER your newsletter is written.


I tried and tried.  Then finally, I cracked.  I didn’t care that the guilt had overtaken my mind.  I didn’t care that I was going to screw up my schedule.  I needed a Grande Iced Green Tea, non-sweetened.  And I needed it pronto.


I packed up my computer, put my headphones in, slid on a pair of sandals and out the door I went.  I had the most beautiful 5 minute walk to Starbucks down the road.


Grande Iced Green Tea, unsweetened, in hand, I found a table in the back, spent a few minutes people watching, then opened my computer.  There it was.  Freedom.  My brain started working again.  It started to flow.


Yes, the irony is that my brilliant newsletter idea is to remind us all that sometimes taking a break, getting comfortable and treating yourself BEFORE you actually accomplish something is exactly what you are supposed to do.


We all need a Starbucks run every now and then.  I encourage you all to take one when the mood strikes.  But, don’t get your coffee/tea ‘to go’ – sit, look around, talk to a friend or colleague, treat your team to a quick break!


You will be amazed at how much more refreshed, creative, energized and subsequently productive you will be for the rest of your day.


In fact, I think I’ll stay for one more.


Slow down and everything you are chasing will come around and catch you.  ~John De Paola

Quick Hit Health: Take a Starbucks run …

Big project?  Major deadline?  Back to back commitments all day?


Treat yourself (and your family/team) to lunch out, dinner out, a quick trip to the ice cream store (mind your portion size!), or go for a Starbucks run.


The world will make much better sense if you do.

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