Leadership Is a Lonely Path

POSTED: 05/18/12 10:31 AM

Leadership Is a Lonely Path

I looked around this group of leaders in the room.  WOW.  Here was a group of people who have the potential to lead the business in the future.  Here was a group of people who are leading teams of hundreds, even thousands, of people.  Here was a group of people who are selling millions of dollars worth of business.


But I wonder sometimes – do they realize how great their potential is?  No, not how great they are (that’s ego talking), but how great they can become? Do they realize that they are sitting in this room because the current company leadership wants to help them to become their best?


Being a leader isn’t easy.  Many times, we don’t have great role models.  It’s hard enough to just get YOUR work done every day much less worry about what other’s are learning from your actions.  And, unfortunately great leadership efforts sometimes go unnoticed, ignored and woefully unrewarded.


But it’s the person who stops saying,“I wish things could be different in my life/work/with my boss/etc.” and takes action to make them different, who is on their way to greatness.


They tap into their potential.  They will have a following.


We can all be leaders – it just takes looking at the world they way you want it to be and taking action to make that happen.


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Think about something you “wish could be different” – personally or professionally.  Now do one thing next week to make it different – even if it’s not popular, accepted, or what everyone else is doing.

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