Listening to Your Intentions

POSTED: 04/6/12 11:25 AM

Listening to Your Intentions
Last week, I noted that I’ve been trying to slow down a little and really listen – to my body, my intentions and my energy. I talked about listening to your body last week. I want to talk about listening to your intentions this week.


Life gets so busy! Work, family, basic chores to stay alive, personal tasks – it truly is amazing how much we actually get done in one day. But, how often do we stop and really think about what our ‘intentions’ are for doing all that we do?


Again, remember who I am! There isn’t a time management system that I haven’t tried. There isn’t a work/life balance book I haven’t ready. And yes, many of those techniques work.


But recently I’ve been reading less about how to classify the urgent from the important and more about how to realize your life’s INTENTIONS.


I relate intentions to the question “What is your Why?” I’ve written about this idea before – that we need to sit and really understand what our WHY is in life in order to really identify the important. Why do you work? Why did you have children? Why do you do what you do every day?


Your intention, your why, is what makes you feel good when you think about spending your energy. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning. It’s what allows you to stop working just to get things done – it defines what the right things are to get done, and allows you to let go of the rest.


Find your intentions and you find your keys balancing your work, your family, your health and your life.


He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Quick Hit Health: Listen to Your Intentions


Set aside10 minutes in the next week, preferably in the morning before the chaos of the day has derailed you.


Answer the following question to yourself: Why do I work? And, for those of you who answer ‘for the money’, take it a step further and ask yourself why you want that money. Really get into yourself – understand what it is you are looking to leave as your legacy in this life.


Write down your answer(s). Then, let your answer guide your To Do / Not To Do list every day.

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